Training and Education

The SHINE Project can offer FREE energy training and education to organisations or groups in Brighton & Hove, covering some or all of the following topics:

Energy efficiency

SHINE's energy efficiency training focuses on small measures that can taken around the home in order to make better use of fuel.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation is all about avoiding waste or needless use of costly fuel. There are number of ways in which changing behaviour can cut fuel consumption considerably. The SHINE Project's energy conservation training identifies some of the most effective ways of saving energy.

Fuel poverty

Fuel poverty is an increasingly pressing subject. It is estimated that nationally, cold homes cost the NHS £600 million per year and that is just in relation to patients aged 65+. The SHINE Project's fuel poverty training will provide a working definition of fuel poverty, identify those most at risk, examines the health consequences of cold home and look at some of the support that is available to vulnerable households.

Energy (General)

SHINE's general energy training covers the basics and is a useful starting point in comprehending the task of tackling inefficiency, fuel poverty and superfluous CO2 production.

Heating Systems, Controls and Meters:

Understanding how heating systems work is fundamental to tackling fuel poverty and reducing CO2 emissions. SHINE's training identifies the most common types of heating system and explains how they work best. The training will also look at different types of boiler controls and meters and explain how these function.

Renewable Energy:

Using renewable energy is the best way of reducing or even eliminating CO2 emissions from your home. The SHINE Project's renewable energy training looks at the technology that exists to provide clean, carbon neutral energy. Additionally, the training will also look at which suppliers and providers offer clean energy and how cost effective this energy is.