Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is the avoidance of using energy unnecessarily. As with energy efficiency, taking measures to improve energy conservation within the home can help reduce CO2 emissions as well as drive down monthly bills and therefore assist in tackling fuel poverty.The main ways in which energy conservation can be improved within the
home are:

1. Monitoring of consumption

2. Avoid unnecessary use of energy

Below are listed a number of behavioural changes and actions that can help conserve energy around the home. Taking these action will reduce fuel consumption and therefore lower bills and reduce CO2 emissions.



  • Keep Fridge ¾ full
  • Keep Fridge Closed When Unpacking Shopping


  • Keep Freezer Closed Whilst Unpacking Shopping
  • Do Not Stockpile Frozen Food


  • Keep oven Door Closed Whilst Cooking
  • Use Fan Assistance
  • Defrost Foods Overnight Before Cooking
  • Skewer Foods (potatoes for example) Whilst Cooking
  • Use Ceramics / Glass in the Oven
  • Turn Off Oven 10 Minutes Before Cooking Due to Cease
  • Cook Two Meals at the Same Time
  • Use Microwave Instead of Cooker


  • Use the Correct Sized Pan for Hob
  • Use Flat Bottomed Pans
  • Use Microwave Instead of Hob


  • Turn Off at Plug in Between Use

Washing Machine

  • Ensure Washing Machine Is Full
  • Use a Cool Wash Where Possible
  • Skip Last Rinse Where Possible
  • Use ECO Setting Where Possible
  • Turn Off at Plug Between Use
  • Wash at Non-Peak Times

Tumble Drier

  • Add Dry Towel to Drier
  • Use Sunshine to Dry Clothes in Summer
  • Turn Off at Plug in Between Use


  • Dishwasher Should Be Full
  • Switch Off Dishwasher at Plug


  • Only Use As Much Water as You Need
  • Remove Lime Scale From Element


  • Switch Appliances Off at the Plug
  • Unplug Chargers
  • Unplug Internet Router
  • Reduce Computer Screen Brightness
  • Reduce Television Screen Brightness
  • Use a Broom in Place of a Vacuum Cleaner


  • Switch off Light bulbs After Use

Heating / Hot Water

  • Draw Curtains / Blinds at Night
  • Turn Down Heating By 1 Degree (Not < 21c)


  • Replace Taking Baths with Taking Showers
  • Cut Showers Time By 1 Minute Per Day
  • Turn Off Hot Water Whilst Washing Hair

Extractor Fan

  • Turn Off Extractor Fan When Possible