Become a Volunteer

The SHINE Project is recruiting volunteers to become community energy experts.

As part of the SHINE Project's ongoing campaign to promote energy efficiency and conservation within people's homes, we will be recruiting a team of trained volunteers to act as experts within the community.

If you are interested in learning about home energy, energy efficiency, cutting harmful emissions or simply saving money, the SHINE Project offers a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge in the area.

All SHINE volunteers will receive comprehensive training to ensure their knowledge of the area is as strong as possible. In addition, SHINE volunteers will receive training in a number of other core areas of professional conduct, such data protection, equalities and diversities and safeguarding.

Why volunteer with SHINE?

Different people will have different reasons for wanting to volunteer with the SHINE Project. It may be that you want to acquire some new employment skills, or you may be passionate about reducing carbon emissions, or may be you just want to know how to shrink your fuel bill. Whatever the motivation, the SHINE Project offer a unique opportunity to develop new skill and acquire valuable knowledge.

What do SHINE Project volunteers do?

SHINE Project volunteers can chose their level of participation. All volunteers are required to complete the training, but after that volunteers are free to decide how to deploy their new found skills the best.

There will be opportunities to become involved in community event sand contribute to the SHINE Project's promotional campaign, but if volunteers wish merely to act as a new source of energy-efficiency knowledge among their friends, families and neighbours, that is fine too.

How do I apply?

To apply to become a SHINE Project volunteers, please send an email to shine[at] or call 01273 293646.