Available Services

If you are a council tenant and wish to utilise one of the following service, please book an appointment.

 Energy Efficiency Service:

The SHINE Project provides energy efficiency home visits, to help council tenants to ensure their homes are operating in the most energy efficient manner possible. SHINE advisers can provide advice and information on understanding your heating system and boiler, as well as measures that can be taken around the home to reduce energy waste.


 Fuel Poverty Advice:

In addition to providing energy efficiency advice, the SHINE Project in Brighton & Hove can assist council tenants who are facing fuel poverty. If you are a council tenant and you are struggling to pay for the cost of heating your home, please contact the SHINE Project and an adviser will  be in touch.


Home Energy Training

The SHINE Project provides comprehensive training and support in the areas of energy, heating systems, energy efficiency and conservation and fuel poverty. SHINE can provide training to groups, or if you are an individual, you can access SHINE training by registering to become a volunteer.