SHINE - Sustainable Housing in Inclusive Neighbourhoods

The SHINE Project is a 2 Seas Interreg European Union project involving partners from France, the Netherlands, Belgium and the South East of England.

The project was conceived with the intention of finding innovative new ways of reducing CO2 emissions. Utilizing new green and energy-efficient technologies whilst focusing on less affluent neighbourhoods, the SHINE Project combines change-promotion with customer involvement to ensure that green living does not come at the expense of well-being.

Cross border cooperation is at the heart of the SHINE Project. A relationship of mutual support based on sharing knowledge and resources ensures that all partners are as successful as possible in their aim. Similarly, all partners will benefit mutually from the project's final outcomes-based learning.   

In Brighton and Hove, the Shine Project will focuses on reducing CO2 emissions from the City Council's large housing stock. This aim will be accomplished by focusing on three main areas: 

  1. A programme of advice, assistance and small measures for Council tenants, designed to support energy efficiency and energy conservation.

  2.  A campaign of behavior change promotion within the City, involving workshops, public events, online content and the formation of a team of volunteer energy experts.

  3. The retrofitting of new heating systems within Council properties to improve fuel efficiency and reduce wasted energy. 

Mindful that energy efficiency should not come at the expense of individual well being, Brighton and Hove City Council will include advice and casework services for SHINE Project clients presenting with fuel poverty needs.